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Frequently Asked Questions

Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, selling, and renting real estate. Also, begin to think about important things to consider when diving into your real estate search.

Question about selling

Yes, it is! Albania is a safe country for investors and a lot of companies from all over the world already operate here.

Yes. In Albania, all foreigners have the right to buy an apartment and have the ownership certificate in his/her name without having Albanian citizenship.

Yes. In Albania, you can buy land which already has the permission to build on. In Albanian, this is called “truall”, but after buying it you must invest three times the amount it was bought for in the land.

No.You can’t buy a field in Albania without being an Albanian national.

You must open a company in Albania (SH.P.K) Limited Liability Company. In this case, the field will be under the company’s name, not the individual’s.

Yes. All businesses must pay taxes in Albania.

Yes, you can rent all types of properties in Albania, including land, fields, houses, and apartments.

When buying a private house in Albania, only the house space is included in the ownership certificate. This means that any outside space, such as a garden, is not included. Without Albanian nationality, this cannot be included in the ownership certificate.

The best cities to invest in Albania are:

  1. Tirana, the capital city.
  2. Durrës, an large ancient city located in the centre of Albania on the coast.
  3. Vlora, a coastal city located in the south of Albania.
  4. Saranda, another coastal city in southern Albania.

Albania has an amazing coast and climate – this means that the tourism sector is a very profitable investment.

The earnings depend on the city where the apartment is located, its location, the building and furnishings. For example, you can earn:

Tirana: from 3600€ – 12.000€ per year.

Durrës: from 3600€ – 5000€ per year.

Vlora: from 3600€ – 5000€ per year.

The earnings depend on the management. A good hotel with 5 stars can earn around 500.000€ per year.

The process of selling is conducted by a notary.

It takes around three weeks until the ownership certificate is under the new owner’s name.

The money is transferred to the notary’s account and stays there until the ownership certificate is issued in the new owners name. The seller takes the money once this is completed.

When opening a business in Albania, you have to pay:

  1. Appropriate municipality taxes.
  2. In the case of owning a hotel, you pay 6% of the amount earned during the year.
  3. For a restaurant or bar, 20% of the amount earned during the year is taxed.
  4. Profit tax: 15 % of the amount earned during the year.