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Furnishing services

Furniture’ can have a very wide interpretation, including:
  • Offices – chairs, desks, cupboards, shelves, filing cabinets, specialist bulk filing systems, catering facilities, recreational (e.g. outdoor furniture);
  • Residential (e.g. for the residential care or education or detention / prison sectors) – beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, settees, drawers, bedside cabinets, shelves and other storage, kitchens (excluding appliances);
  • Health sector – hospital beds, normal beds, mattresses, desks, tables, chairs, settees, specialist utility furniture, catering (excluding appliances);
  • Education – desks, chairs, computer and other electronic utilities, white boards, flip chart stands;
  • Outside use – playgrounds, parks, events; and
  • Ancillary use in any of the above – rubbish bins, signage, maintenance areas, fences, gates, posts, washroom etc.