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Name : Eridiola Gjuzi
High school :Konstandin Kristoforidhi, Tiranë .
University: Aleksandër Xhuvani ,Elbasan.
Degree : Albanian language and Literature.
Professional Master: Teaching Albanian language and literature.
License:Albanian language and literature.
1.Albanian native.
2.English C2 level( FCE ,IELS)
3. Italian B2 level (PLIDA)
4.Spanish A2 level
5.Russian A2 level

About me

I live in Albania .

For more than four years I work as an online teacher .I teach online three languages (Albanian, English and Italian language).

I work for an American International Group I.A.L.C Group which is located in New York and also I have my own profile as a teacher in Albanian and Italian language in a Russian.

My degree is in Albanian language and english.  I work as english albanian and italian teacher.  I have completed the Bachelor the Professional Master and taken the license which gives me the right to become a teacher according to my country’s rules.

The method that I use in order to improve my students abilities in Albanian is ”Discovering Albanian1 ”a textbook which I find it very useful since it has got after each lesson an English vocabulary, but not only this I prepare materials on Power Point and Word which I send to the student.

During the lesson I always speak in Albanian and translate in English/Italian/Spanish .The strategies that I use during the lesson in order to improve my students’ abilities are :

1-Recording video files so the student can listen when he /she has time .

2-Images (I download and send to the student these images and incourage him/her during the lesson to speak according to the grammar points that he/she learnt).

3-YouTube videos (I select different videos such as music, shows short films that I send to the student so we discuss about it)With me the lesson is always a surprise .

Trying to learn and to enjoy the lesson at the same time :))

Online Lesson

Language  Albanian


45 min individual classes


60 min individual classes


90 min individual classes


45 min individual classes
10 sessions


60 min individual classes
10 sessions


90 min individual classes
10 sessions


Learn Albanian

Let’s Learn Albanian

An excellent introduction to Albanian as a Foreign Language.

This two-level course is designed especially for adult and young adult beginning students. The courses include clear comprehensive explanations of the unique grammatical aspects of the Albanian language, a wide variety of exercises, contemporary topics, and a focus on both accuracy and fluency. By the end of these courses, the student will have the confidence to communicate effectively in Albanian.


Gjuha Shqipe

These courses offer a communicative, task–based approach to the Intermediate and advanced intermediate learner.
Students will be reading numerous Albanian texts in order to deepen their comprehensive skills and will be engaging in both verbal and written dialogues designed to assist them in the sharing of ideas and opinions. These courses challenge the adult and young adult learner by integrating the unique grammatical, lexical, and functional aspects of the Albanian language. Both courses combine language skills such as speaking, reading, listening, and writing to help students use Albanian accurately and fluently.


Individual Albanian Courses

Special personalized Albanian language courses are available according to the needs and available time of the student.