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“The present”​ – Walk in Albania!

“The present”​ – Walk in Albania!

Life??!!What is life?!! A wasted time in madness. A time with an end .Every day we live and the time runs ,but we don’t understand this. We don’t understand that every thing in this material world has as an end. What is left? Nothing else ,except memories.

Memories of an existence, of being somewhere in a certain place, a place that is going to be called a memory ,a present and a future .Let a small country become your ;




Allow Albania taking your time and creating by it your memories,your future projects that can be touched by your hands, seen from your heart, tastied from the eyes ,smelled by the skin.

Walk in the present!

Walk in Albania!

Wait !-Did I say walk ??!!- Run you need to catch the time:):)

Written by : Eridiola Gjuzi


Alb Estate

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